Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wow, that was fast!

We just did 20 hours of pretty serious work together and tonight it seems to have simply flown by. I've enjoyed every bit of it and I look forward to the fall sessions. I'm sure Connie feels the same. This week has actually made me very ready to start the year, a sense I don't always have on August 20. There is a feeling of anticipation and momentum that's been generated this week by the genuine collaboration. Great that the technology is finding its way into everyone's thinking, but the core of this goes beyond that. It's about the power of committed professionals working together to serve the South Portland community well. I'm reminded of a very young Arlo Guthrie's grinning words from 40 years ago last weekend: "We've shut down the New York Thruway, man!" A whole bunch of people came for "peace, love and music" and found out about each other and the power of a shared vision. Woodstock was only 3 days long and its effect lasted years. We've done 4 days - we could change things :)

Good thing this wasn't an assigned reading.


  1. Perhaps it wasn't an assigned reading, man, but I "dug" it anyway!

  2. You RSS-er, you....:) And wireless at that.


  3. Ha, I love the Woodstock reference! And, love the music! Technology certainly has changed a lot of things in education and in my thinking. Now, how do I keep up with it all?